DATE: May 31st Fri to June 23rd Sun, VENUE: Gallery AaMo at Tokyo Dome City, TOKYO JAPAN



Animation Director, Original story creator, Writer, Movie /Stage Director, Mechanical Designer and more...
Kawamori participated as the main original creator of the renowned TV animation series, “Super Dimensional Fortress Macross” while he was still attending Keio University in which he also created the world famous mechanical design, that of the “Valkyrie” which transforms across 3 modes. The series was broadcasted all around the world and had a huge impact on even Hollywood movies, as one of the first “cool Japanese animation” works. His famous works include “Aquarion”, “Macross” and so on.


I wanted to give birth to “something” that no one has seen before.
I am still continuing on the journey of endless creation, as I have been urged to do so since I was very young.
With the increasing amount of original artwork, rough designs, prototypes of transformable toys, story proposals and photos from researching trips. Not to mention scripts, storyboards, and various other creative memos….
Looking at those big piles of documents, I feel my heart shake when thinking about the fact that my creative activities are supported by countless staff and the warm support from fans.
With this exhibition, I decided to assemble these aspects of my creative journey, while I continue on with the many people who have supported me for these past 40 years.
As this exhibition will be called the “Shoji Kawamori EXPO” it is my homage to when I was a boy and visited the Japan World Exposition, Osaka in 1970.
I hope you enjoy this exhibition of my creative process, though with its own amount of trial and error, and as a festival with a diverse world view.
Shoji Kawamori
March 2, 2019


This exhibition will showcase over hundreds of his creative processes such as rough designs, storyboards and idea memos. Kawamori, who handles original content creation, such as directing films, story writing, story boards and mecha designs will celebrate his 40th year of his career debut. There will also be new original and exclusive movies shown for the first time.

and more…



  • DATE: May 31st Fri to June 23rd Sun
  • HOURS: 10am to 8pm (Last admittance by 7:30pm)
    10am to 7pm (Last admittance by 6:30pm) on every Mondays
  • VENUE: Gallery AaMo at Tokyo Dome City, TOKYO JAPAN
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